Frequently Asked Questions

How is the application done?

Human Hair extensions are attached to small sections of your own natural hair at the root. Your hair is strung through a tiny cylinder coil (which will match to the color of your root) and the human hair extension strand is inserted, then gently and securely clamped. Your own hair lies over the attached extensions invisibly. They are so undetectable in each clients hair because I take extreme care to match each individuals head with an exact texture and placement. this is a safe, quick, and comfortable technique that does not use any chemicals, glue, polymers, sewing, heat, or damage to your natural hair.

Are they obvious or visible?

I myself wear a full head of virgin human hair extensions. Nobody believes they are hair extensions until I deliberately show them. Your extensions will be totally undetectable and I will be able to create an exact match to your own hair. The hair extensions are always attached behind the hair line and away from your natural parting. They will feel like your own hair, look like your own hair, and you may even forget that you are even wearing them. I know I do!

How do I care for my hair extensions?

One of the great aspects of this system is you will be able to care for your hair extensions as you choose. This hair can be bleached colored, and permed as normal. Hot tools are no danger. You can even touch-up your color or relaxed roots while wearing these real human hair extensions. You don't need to change your lifestyle. You will still be able to be active and engage in all your normal actives; like swimming, exercising, and dancing without worrying about damaging your new hair. These human hair extensions are easy to care for and most importantly, comfortable to wear. Remember, these full cuticle human hair extensions are in as pure a state as is possible for hair to be.

Will the extension hair match my natural hair?

Matches are rarely an issue. Every individual receives a custom order. I specialize in importing the exact texture and color needed. I import from various origins depending on the texture of your hair. I am in contract with several small independent importers from different countries around the world. See "QUALITY" for further information.

How long does my hair have to be to get extensions?

I would recommend that your natural hair be at least 2-3 inches long to cover the tiny cylinder coils. However during a consultation we will see if your desires and needs exempt you from this. I've done hair extensions on hair as short as 2 inches.

How much do extensions cost?

First and foremost, the total cost is derived from the purchase of the hair and the fee to design and apply these custom human hair extensions. The hair is reusable FOREVER with proper maintenance and care. The root tips are encapsulated with a protective shield that will not crack or shed, allowing the hair to be reused over and over again. As a matter of fact, you can remove them at any time and change your look with a fun, short style, and come back to me down the line to re-install them! I don't doubt that you will love the versatility that I offer you. Look into the other stylists available. Do research. Ask a lot of questions! learn for yourself, the difference of my virgin hair extensions.

Let's talk about what you're purchasing:

  • You are buying 100% custom imported virgin hair, with an intact cuticle, guaranteeing that it's tangle free.
  • The purity of the hair allows you to reuse it for a lifetime. It is HUMAN hair. You will not have to keep buying new "bundles". My hair extensions are basically pure ponytails cut directly from the donor's head.
  • The price quoted at your consultation will be determined by the natural texture, country of origin, custom color, length of your own hair, length of desired hair, and the amount needed to receive your ideal style.
  • I do not harm your hair with ANY type of chemical when applying your extensions.
The initial fee may sound like more than it really is. Keep in mind they are reusable human hair extensions. NO OTHER strand-by-strand method offers this high quality. Most will charge you anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 EVERY time they need maintenance! They actually CANNOT even maintenance them because the hair is not reusable! You will have to keep buying new "bundles" of hair. Other "reusable" hair extensions will last about one year. Why pay the same amount as those and get so much lower equality?

Now the numbers:

  • Extensions for volume range from $600 to $1500
  • To change your length at all, the price begins at $1,500
  • The price is based solely on your desires and needs
To order hair, I require a deposit of about $700 for length, less for just volume. Once I place the order, the hair will arrive in about a week. I will call to let you know it has arrived and then we can schedule a time to apply it. When you come for the application process you will bring your remaining balance with you.

What about maintenance?

You will be able to go up to 8 weeks before needing any scheduled upkeep. After that time, you will come to me for maintenance.  

At your maintenance I will:

Open the coil, slide out the extension hair, and comb through the new growth and get rid of the normal shed hair that has been locked in (including the estimated 100 hairs we lose each day), rethread a new coil, reinsert the extension hair and close the coils.

The maintenance process is pretty simple if you come to back within 8 weeks. After that time frame, there is usually a lot of new growth with tangling at the root. While this is not always a dangerous problem, it is very time consuming to comb out and the fee increases. In other words, the sooner you come back for maintenance, the quicker, easier and less costly to manage.